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Monday, June 27, 2011

Candy likes sugar daddies

It's the opening night of the interior design show and all the fabulous people are out in full force. People from several creative industries are here and enjoying themselves. Why wouldn't they? There's plenty of free bubbly for the gays and beer for the straights.

Amongst the crowd I spot Candy, a friend of mine and D's. He's one of those people who work out eight days a week, takes semi-nude and scandalous photos of himself and publishes them on Facebook so everyone can comment on how hot he looks (to inflate his ego, I assume).

The surprise isn't finding Candy there (he has no interest in interior design, let alone anything that enables him to have an interesting personality), but seeing who his date is. For someone who prides himself on being so hot, his man candy is more sugar daddy than hot tamale.

I don't care who he goes out with and I don't have an aversion to old people, but for a guy who flaunts himself to every other peacock around, this is who he chooses. And, he wasn't just old, but old, fat, balding, and definately going through a mid-life crisis of sorts since he was dressed like a 20-year-old. No wonder why Candy doesn't go out often: Witnesses.

I guess that's how Candy can afford the life he has. If the rent is due, you gotta work it like it was supposed to be paid yesterday.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Computer blow up

It's one of those things you can never expect to happen, but it does. You sit there and watch things fall beyond your realm of control, so the only reaction is to sit silently and cry. This is what happens when your computer blows up on you.


It was working well the night before when I logged off at around 2 a.m., but when I turned it back on at 10 in the morning, it didn't want to. The blue light for the power supply lit up and that was it. I tried a couple of things, but they didn't work (swearing profusely rarely doesn't). Frustrated that my deadlines were approaching, I took it to Geek Squad and got some bad, bad news.

Apparently, it wasn't a virus or anything of the sort. It was the motherboard. It died, just like I did when I discovered this horrifying piece of info. Of course, they ask whether I saved my files (and I didn't). Even if I had saved them all, my work entails a constant state of upkeep, so they would've never been up-to-date, anyway.

I was able to borrow one from D and have been using it until I bought a new one (which was another story) and use the contacts and drafts from my emails to work semi-competently for the following days, but I wasn't doing as much as I could if I had all my files on me.

So, even after I bought a new computer and transferred all the files over (at a price, of course), it's frightening to know how much we rely on technology and how it benefits us only when it's working to our advantage... or working, at all.