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Monday, May 21, 2012

Answering a non-question text

My phone is always beeping.  Some of them signal phone calls that I ignore, and others are messages and texts.  There's a moment when several beeps garner my attention (i.e. a long text from someone who thinks everyone has an iPhone and writes long messages) so I look at the display to see who's trying to reach me.  There's a specific one that catches my attention.

What the hell is that suppposed to mean?  It's the equivalent of someone going "Anddd..." while gesticulating their hand/wrist in a circular motion, goading you for an answer.  There's no answer to be had if there was no question asked. 

I wait for a few hours and then write back.  "Hey.  Something specific you're asking?"

Immediately, I get a response.  "No nothing specific however..."

The phone beeps, again.

"There was no reply to my monologue... Although there was no question asked in it i thougtht i wud receive some sort of reply.  I now know u received it :-)"

What?  So, someone texts me and waits for me to reply to a non-question then texts me again to make sure I got their original non-question, especially when the jist of the previous message was to tell me they can't see me because they're too busy doing other things/people.

I promptly delete the texts.  Fucking idiot.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Drake Hogestyn is a shitty actor, part 2

Sometimes I write things that no one agrees on, and there are others when I do.  Obviously, I like it when people agree with me.  One of the most interesting responses I've received is with my post about Drake Hogestyn (currently John Black on Days of our Lives) and what a shitty actor he is.  What's funny is when people comment on how other actors on DOOL are and they're usually the same characters Drake has played. 

The "real" Roman Brady is worse! I hate when the Stephano crap comes up... nothing worse than a scene with Roman, John and Abe psychoanalizing Stephano's "ulterior motive". Throw in Marlena as damsel in distress and it's a train wreck...

The comment rambles on about other characters, but still, it was hilarious, if only for those who watch that ghastly show (yes, I watched it because my family used to watch it at lunchtime).  But, in all realities, no matter who he's playing, Drake Hogestyn is a shitty actor.  Could this be the reason why he never broke out of daytime TV?  Yes, there are other awful actors out there, but he manages to make terrible into terrifying.  I guess he has the market niche all to himself.