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Monday, September 19, 2011

Your friend sounds like a fucking idiot

My friend and I just finished watching a film at TIFF and now she wants to go out for dinner. I don’t want to go out. It’s not because it’s late, it’s because I don’t have my wallet on me (and she isn’t offering to pay for my dinner). I ask if she doesn’t mind if we go back to my place since it’s only a 10 minute walk from the theatre, but I don’t think she’s listening to me.

“Do you want to go to Brassaii?”

“It’s closed because they’re having a private party.”

“Well, why can’t we go there?”

“Because they’re having a private party. It’s closed to the public.”

“You know people there, why can’t you ask?”

“I know people who were working there last year, but they’re not doing any parties at Brassaii this year. They’re at the Burroughs.”

“Ok, so let’s go to the Burroughs.”

“We can’t go there, because they’re having private parties, like at Brassaii.”

“But, you know the people who are doing the parties.”

“It doesn’t matter. They’re. Private. Parties.”

“Fine. Wanna go to Spice Route? Do you know anyone at Spice Route?”


“Ok, so let’s go to Brassaii.”

And the conversation starts, again. It's like one of those "Who's on first" kind of talks that sounds comedic in theory, but is dreadful in its execution. Thankfully, she got the hint that I couldn't buy dinner without money and needed to go home to get a) my wallet, or b) something to eat. We ended up parting ways while she tried to get into Brassaii.

The next day I’m hanging out with my friend J and tell her the story.

“Your friend sounds like a fucking idiot,” says my friend J.

“Well...” I can’t answer.

I don’t think my friend is stupid, but I do think she has 100 things going on in her mind that she can’t focus on anything else. It’s like a retarded ADD. She's seriously slow on the uptake. But, does it matter? I’d rather have an idiot for a friend who’s a nice person to be around than a brilliant mind who’s a total asshole.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Is Labour Day the beginning or the end?

It’s already September. Labour Day. I can’t believe how fast time flies. First, I thought summer would never get here, and now that’s it’s over in about three weeks, I wish it wouldn’t end. It can be a rather confusing day for many people since they don’t know what they should be feeling.

Is Labour Day the start or the end of fun? For many, it’s the end because fun exists only during the summer (even though there are three more weeks of summer in September). The days get shorter. The nights get colder. Kids return to class and adults are back to work.

Others like to believe that it’s time to get serious. They’ve had their bit of fun and now it’s time to crack down and get back to business. Of course, a lot of students would say otherwise.

For me, I only like Labour Day if I’ve had a shitty summer. Thankfully, this one was hot as fuck and it gave me an incentive to get out there and enjoy what the world (or to be specific, the city) has to offer. So it’s a little bittersweet for me. But, that’s Labour Day for you.

It could be worse. I love the fall. The weather isn’t appropriate for shorts, but a t-shirt and jacket are fine. The environment runs at a more relaxed pace (at least for a few weeks), as if we’re still on the summer break. Winter? Now, that’s another topic for another time...