I'm not your bitch, don't hang your shit on me.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Acknowledge my nudity

There used to be a time when those who thought they could/should expose some skin online for some exposure did it readily.  Sometimes it was a tease, while other times it was full on, full frontal.  It started innocently, but later became a bargaining chip: if I show you this, then you show me that (and vice versa).

To be honest, I did show parts of my pieces, many years ago. It was done for several reasons. One of them was because I needed to bump my daily impressions (i.e. the more readers, the more popular you are!). The other was because I felt kind of good about my body (after being fat for so many years) and wanted to show off.

Nowadays, I don't know why people show their tasty delights.   If they were model material, they'd probably already be models.   Most of them aren't.  They need a gym and a diet plan like I need housemaid to wash the dishes (I hate doing them).  Sadly, it comes across as a cry for attention. Tell me I'm sexy. Please, say that I'm hot. If you don't, I'll just die.

Maybe they still want to be loved via the internet, but don't realize that's not going to make a difference.  Having someone tell you you're hot (or whatever) isn't going to make all that much of a difference in the real world.  Then again, if they told you you were hot in the real world, then... that's probably different.  They're a flesh and blood being, not some random sets of digits behind a keyboard.

I'm lucky I've reached the point in life where I don't need someone telling me how hot (or not) I am on the site (or anywhere else on the WWW).  I know what I am and I know what I'm not and I don't need someone to tell me otherwise.  Then again, I've grown as a person and am no longer an insecure little - fat - boy who craves the attention of others.

And, in case you read the entire post, here's a naked pic of me after the jump...

Monday, April 02, 2012

Kindred online spirits

As I'm checking my Twitter feed, I see one of my friends commenting on someone's twitpic. Basically, it's one of those 'Ooh, I wish I looked as good as you do wearing that' kind of droolfests.

When I read this, I send him a message, saying his crush also happens to be hooker who doesn't charge by the hour. It doesn't take long before I get a text from my friend.

Top or bottom? lol

I tell him what he wants to hear and I think he likes my quick response.

How do I see it?

The 'it' is the manwhore's penis. I say that everyone's seen it. It's common knowledge around town.

I follow his blog and I see a lot of me in him, like we suffer from the same issues.

I find this odd. Although I don't know everything about my friend, he is, by no means, anything similiar to the manwhore. Still, I offer him some photographic evidence of 'it' to visually sample the good.

As much as I would LOVE LOVE LOVE, I have to respect (sexual) privacy.

This I find hilarious, especially someone who goes on Grindr while at events (which entertains me) to see who's trying to pick up. Why would he like him? The manwhore is such a douche and so full of himself. This online personality he creates is just that: an online personality.

Lol.. He's like that?

Yup, very much so. He, like so many others, creates a persona, almost diametrically opposed to his real one to elicit sympathy. If they only knew, like me...

Times like these I miss you x 10.

Yeah, I say. He probably says this to all of his friends.

I do! So witty and bad influence-y.

This is true. I'm a naughty - not bad - influence. But, instead of taking in the compliment, I reply with the Pee Wee Herman quote of "I know you are, but what am I?"

He and I are kindred spirits in that way.