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Monday, May 13, 2013

Tweezing white hairs

Aging it inevitable.  No one can turn back time, even Cher.  Although I don't currently mind getting older, there has been one thing that's been bothering me:  white hairs.

Now, it's not the colour of the hairs I have an issue with, but where they're located.  They're all congregating on my chin and soul-patch area. 

On a regular basis, I'm leaning into my sink with my face almost touching the mirror and tweezing errant white hairs that reflect the light like beacons from the sky.  Since I don't shave everyday, they appear to be small flecks of dust on my face, but aren't.  When my stubble passes the four-day growth stage, they're even worse.  And since I don't have a very thick beard, they stick out like sore thumbs (if a thin hair could resemble the girth of a finger).

Meh.  I hate getting older.  I wish I had no facial hair.  All that tweezing is bothersome.  And if you pull one out, two - supposedly - grow in its place.  Now, if only that methodology would work on the hairs on my head.