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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Don't text me when I'm busy

It's one of those busy days when I'm out of the office, running around the city.  Not only am I dealing with in-person meetings, but also phone calls and an inbox that never seems empty.  Fun times all around.

While making my way to a meeting, I get a text from L, who is asking about an event we went to last year and wants to know when they're having it again.  Then, there are two more texts following it, both about the same thing.

"Try emailing XXX." I text this while walking.

I'm busy and don't have time to check last year's schedule to verify an event she wants to go to.  It's a lot faster for her to email them.  I'm not planning the event.  I mean, come on; do some of the lifting.

My phone keeps beeping while in the meeting.  I get three more texts from L about the event, scattered with the occasional "I miss you friend" and "Let's get together next week one week one afternoon."  This is from a person who doesn't reply to texts for weeks, and sometimes gets - serendipitously - sick on the day we're meeting only to get miraculously better the following morning.

"I'm running around all day.  Best to email them for details."  I text quickly.

This happens during my work day.  I only get a reply from L in the middle of the evening.

"You are so difficult sometimes!  LOL."

Difficult?  Hardly.  I have more than one full-time job, manage a team of people, run around from meeting to meeting while tackling the occasional errand (all without the luxury of a car or an expense account that reimburses me for cab fares).  She doesn't work and has plenty of time during the day while her kids are at school to email an event coordinator.

And an additional annoyance is the "don't worry still love you!" notation tacked on the end of the occasional text.  Don't do that.  Only Hollywood people do that.  It's cloying and unnecessary.

Here's an idea:  For next time, instead of texting me 18 times, it's faster for you to email them from the start to get the correct information.  Don't waste my time when I'm busy with your texting.

I mean, some people...