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Monday, May 07, 2012

Drake Hogestyn is a shitty actor, part 2

Sometimes I write things that no one agrees on, and there are others when I do.  Obviously, I like it when people agree with me.  One of the most interesting responses I've received is with my post about Drake Hogestyn (currently John Black on Days of our Lives) and what a shitty actor he is.  What's funny is when people comment on how other actors on DOOL are and they're usually the same characters Drake has played. 

The "real" Roman Brady is worse! I hate when the Stephano crap comes up... nothing worse than a scene with Roman, John and Abe psychoanalizing Stephano's "ulterior motive". Throw in Marlena as damsel in distress and it's a train wreck...

The comment rambles on about other characters, but still, it was hilarious, if only for those who watch that ghastly show (yes, I watched it because my family used to watch it at lunchtime).  But, in all realities, no matter who he's playing, Drake Hogestyn is a shitty actor.  Could this be the reason why he never broke out of daytime TV?  Yes, there are other awful actors out there, but he manages to make terrible into terrifying.  I guess he has the market niche all to himself.


Blogger Brand New W said...

i used to love drake hogestyn and his hairy hairy chest. oh i miss Days! i need to start PVR'ing that shit again!

June 06, 2012 12:02 am  

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