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Monday, February 13, 2012

A belated anniversary is still worth celebrating

February 10 is the anniversary of Human Nature.  It turned seven years old.  Happy belated birthday.  Time flies when you're having fun, and it also flies when you're not.  It's life and life isn't always appreciated when you're not living in the moment.

Proof of that was the untimely death of Whitney Houston (which will probably garner another post sometime in the future).  Here was someone who squandered her astonishing gift and instead let it go to waste.  During her prime, she was larger than life.  The voice was an instrument that was emulated by few, and replicated by none.  Yet, life passed her by, and at such a young age.

This site is still in its infancy. Seven years isn't old. If this site has another anniversary, then it's because I want it to. If it ceases, it's because I will say so. Either way, I will make the choice.

And, when it comes to my life, I'll make sure I won't waste what I have.  True, I might not ever have Whitney's talent, but I'll appreciate everything I have now and in the future.  For now, and many birthdays to come.


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well said

February 13, 2012 3:29 pm  

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