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Monday, November 28, 2011

Missing the old version of my friend

It's always odd seeing a person change before your eyes. Unless you see them on a regular - and almost daily - basis, changes can appear to be rather sudden. This is like what's happening to my friend XXX.

We've known each other for years and have gone though a lot with each other; whether familial or relationship matters. We were fairly similar and balanced each other out. But, ever since the end of his last relationship, I feel like he's changed. Correction, I know he's changed.

We used to hang out often, and now when I ask him if he has any free time, he's always busy. Even our talks can get strained. Everything is about partying, hooking up with random strangers, pumping up at the gym, going online looking for sex, hitting the clubs all weekend, waking up the next morning with some guy in his bed, and so on.

Basically, he's turned into the typical gay stereotype. I'm all for having fun, but this is a bit much. An identity crisis, perhaps?

Yes, intrinsically, he's still the same person, but... also not. I'm not saying people shouldn't change and grow, but I should've been more specific. I've been somewhat stable throughout the years, but some people might consider that to be boring (even though I'm not). I think it's more about a maturing of the mind, not a matter of making bigger muscles.

Will he ever 'come back' to the world he started out in? Maybe. Or, he could just end up like every cliched gay guy out there who thinks they'll never grow old on the inside while their outsides are playing catch-up with age.


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