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Monday, May 21, 2012

Answering a non-question text

My phone is always beeping.  Some of them signal phone calls that I ignore, and others are messages and texts.  There's a moment when several beeps garner my attention (i.e. a long text from someone who thinks everyone has an iPhone and writes long messages) so I look at the display to see who's trying to reach me.  There's a specific one that catches my attention.

What the hell is that suppposed to mean?  It's the equivalent of someone going "Anddd..." while gesticulating their hand/wrist in a circular motion, goading you for an answer.  There's no answer to be had if there was no question asked. 

I wait for a few hours and then write back.  "Hey.  Something specific you're asking?"

Immediately, I get a response.  "No nothing specific however..."

The phone beeps, again.

"There was no reply to my monologue... Although there was no question asked in it i thougtht i wud receive some sort of reply.  I now know u received it :-)"

What?  So, someone texts me and waits for me to reply to a non-question then texts me again to make sure I got their original non-question, especially when the jist of the previous message was to tell me they can't see me because they're too busy doing other things/people.

I promptly delete the texts.  Fucking idiot.


Blogger Brand New W said...

I hate texting. I mean, it's good for short quick bursts of important information, etc. or perhaps even a funny drunk text here and there. But yeah, otherwise, the whole medium kinda annoys me. Maybe it's not the medium actually, but the people who use it.


August 01, 2012 7:46 pm  

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