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Monday, January 07, 2013

I haven't forgotten you

Time flies when you're having fun.  It also flies when you're busy as fuck.  Me?  I've been busy.  True, many people use that as an excuse, but with me, I truly have been busy with work.  No excuse. 

Being the owner of your small business can be taxing since you handle many aspects of running it.  It's not about multitasking, but the lack of manpower.  But, I digress...

I haven't been ignoring the site on purpose.  Quite the opposite; I think about it often.  My issue with updating is that I don't feel like physically writing after a long day (and sometimes night) at work.  Even I need a holiday from the computer, now and then.

Of course there are those who will bitch and say I should've stopped writing a long time ago (or not even write, at all), but I don't care.  Fuck 'em, they're jealous.

So, for 2013, I hope to be writing more for the site.  Not only because I love to write, but also because it has always acted as a conduit for my mental being.  I feel better after venting for 250-ish words.  It's cheaper than therapy.  There's a reason why the site was called Human Nature, after all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your posts are interesting and useful. In a way... So, do continue.

March 24, 2013 9:28 am  

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