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Monday, July 30, 2012

I just don't find you attractive

It’s date night and I’m walking towards Bay Street on my way to meet R.  I haven’t been out this week, so the invite was a nice break from drudgery of work.

My phone begins to beep and I see it’s R.  I walk across the street and do a half wave that resembles a sideways salute.  It takes two seconds for R to move from a feeling of elation to one of deflation.  The smile disappears, the shoulders slump.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a great night.

Within a few minutes, R tells me he’s meeting a friend soon so he has to make this quick.  I say that’s fine as I can tell we won’t need a lot of time to get acquainted since we’ll soon get married in an elaborate ceremony that will be photographed by People magazine.

While R acts like a petulant bitch and exhales/rolls his eyes every time I ask a question, we make our way through the bookstore and R manoeuvres himself away from me; he’s playing hard to get.  Soon, we leave and make our way back to R’s place, since he has to meet up with his friend who now may-or-may-not be coming into town that night to meet up with him.

Before we say our goodbyes and pick a time to select our place settings at William Ashley china, I pull up my right pant leg in order to kneel down and offer him a Harry Winston diamond engagement ring.

“Well, you know, if you want to hang out again, you have my email and phone number,” I say.

“Ya, you know, I won’t be calling you ‘cause I just don’t find you attractive,” he replies.

“Um, ok then.  Thanks for the tea!” I turn around on my heel and walk away.

To be honest, I was surprised R had the gall to say that to my face.  From my experience, if you’re not interested, just say you’ll see each other soon out of politeness, even though you know you won’t.  And if he didn’t find me attractive, why did he ever want to go on the date?  That I don’t understand.

Whatever.  He had a beer gut and no chin, anyway.  Guess the wedding is off.

Note:  It shouldn’t be assumed this event occurred recently.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whenever this story happened - The answer remains the same: Some people have no class.


July 31, 2012 10:28 am  
Blogger Brand New W said...

crappy. On the one hand, i guess it's a breath of fresh air to get such brazen honesty? But yeah, there's definitely something to be said about tact and politeness. Hugs to you!

August 01, 2012 7:41 pm  
Blogger Harper's Keeper said...

Inexcusable! We don't always have full control over what we do and do not see in others but this is just bad manners. One can be honest without going out of one's way to be hurtful.

I bet he would have had bad taste at William Ashley too!

September 08, 2012 12:07 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, I just saw your blog, but wanted to comment this post of yours even though it's from last year. The way R acted sounds strange. I don't think he was honest, and I wonder what he was trying to achieve. I have never really understand why people have this need to act and play games. Isn't it better to just be honest and straight-forward? I don't know...
Anyway, the way R acted was just plain bitchy. I don'g get it, but he's not worth it if he can't get his shit straight.

On another note, your blog seems interesting enough. You certainly know what you stand for, and you have many opinions and important points. I think. Heh... I feel like I learned something new by reading some of your posts. Thanks.

March 01, 2013 10:14 pm  

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