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Monday, June 18, 2012

Entrapment in 23 words, part 2

A time and place is set up between my "bait" and K.  This is done to prove two points, both of which are beneficial to me: if K doesn’t show up, I’ll know it’s a fake profile, and if K does show up, it proves that K is a douche who dropped me at the last minute for someone else.

Arriving at the meeting place, I'm dressed incognito (dark glasses, black trench coat) so K won't recognize me.  I sit on a bench, in the immediate area and keep a lookout.  Every once in a while I raise a newspaper to my eyes and peer out over it.  Fifteen minutes later, I spot K wearing gym clothes. 

At first glance, K walks towards my direction, but doesn't see me.  Now, walking the other way and looking a little bothered, K takes off his nylon jacket and starts strutting, making sure everyone sees his tight tank top.  I giggle beneath the newspaper.  Pompous.  This is just too good, and it's all I need to make my day.

As much as I want to stay, I have to get back to work.  On the way to my meeting, my phone beeps.  I think it's C, who I'm meeting for coffee tomorrow.  It's not.  It's K.

"Srry I was totally busy forgot to txt u still dealing I think we should Meet later this week like weekend Srry again."

Doesn't feel too good getting stood up, does it, K?  Now, you know how it feels.  What's sad is K now knows that you can't always trade up from what you have (and mistakenly think what you deserve).

I place the phone back in my pocket with a smile.  By this point, I don't care.  I know the sort of person K is.  It's too bad I had to find out this way.  Granted, the situation did make for a funny story.


Blogger Brand New W said...

i love the incognito outfit!!

August 01, 2012 7:50 pm  

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