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Monday, January 13, 2014

Lint trap

At the beginning of the year, a maintenance man came into my home and cleaned/replaced some tubing that connected my clothes dryer to the outdoors.  He told me that I should clean them regularly so my machine can be more efficient.  That's all fine, only I don't have a vacuum with an extendable arm to reach inside of the tube.

"Whatever," I think.  "I'll just let them clean it twice a year.  That's why I pay maintenance fees."

A few months later, I'm about to put a wet load of laundry in the dryer and see a small piece of dark lint stuck to the filter.  I pull out the lint trap/filter and see how it comes apart (it's a two-piece mesh contraption).  And what I saw next shocked me.  The lint resembled cotton padding, used to make pillows.  Layers upon layers of dark blue dust and fluff had accumulated.  It was so thick (almost one inch) and compressed, I was able to pull it out in one piece.

After cleaning it up and reinstalling it, I place my wet clothing back inside the clothes dryer and turn it on.  Maybe the maintenance guy was right and I should clean it out more regularly.  I'm not in the mood to use my old lint as pillow stuffing any time soon.


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