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Monday, November 04, 2013

It's not easy to keep in touch with people

It's not easy to keep in touch with people.  Not only is it difficult when you live in the same town (scheduling is a bitch), but it can be nearly impossible when you live in different countries.

With my recent trip to NYC, I gave a few of my city friends a note, saying I was coming into town.  Most got back to me (minus one), saying they'd like to go out for drinks/dinner/coffee and catch up.  Lucky for me, I have some pretty nice people as friends (wish I could say I'm as nice as they are, but...).

Some of them were flexible with their time and had no issues with meeting around my hotel (which was gracious of them), some couldn't make it since they were out of town (shit happens, right?), and then there are others who leave you waiting for them to message you back because they're not answering their texts and making you look like an idiot (like durrr).

Inconsiderate, but whatever.

Truth is, I'd rather have them tell me they didn't/couldn't want to see me.  You'd rather do something else, I get it.  I'm sometimes overbooked, too.  But, come on, people, let me know.  Every minute I spend on my trip is accounted for, especially when it's a short one.

For those who did take the time out of their busy days to meet up, thank you.  For those who couldn't and/or wouldn't, there's always next time.


Blogger Roy Larson said...

If you ever make it to Austin, I promise to make time to finally meet you face to face.

November 08, 2013 1:50 am  

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