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Monday, April 29, 2013

Break up before meeting

One of the best things from "meeting" people online is you get to justify a lot of the craziness that really exists with actual proof.  An example of this is when I was chatting with C.  There are a few back and forth messages before I ask about meeting up.  I don't hear back.  For a while.  Then, I get a long and rambling text back when I don't expect it.

Sorry,, been werkin extra the past few and to be honest, I accidentally deleted your text , so it was great that you called.
Wed is a NUTS day for me,, so hope we can chat on thurs.

I look at it and roll my eyes.  Then, there's another text when I don't reply.


I reply, reluctantly with a passive-aggressive, "Yes?"

Sorry for not getting back been busy.

Within 20 seconds, I get another rambling text.  And it answers a lot of questions I never asked and one that clarified something I had long suspected.

When we first connected i didnt think things wud develop with another person and i was wrong so i am giving this a chance.  I have a feeling ur a great guy but i wid be really unfair to not see if where im at will work out.  I dont think from youre pic i cud tewll who u were on the street but if we coross paths say hi.

So, C is breaking up with me even before meeting up.  The clarification?  C is nuts.  What I later find out is that C has been hooking around (and even repeatedly hitting on a friend of mine), yet was playing games with me for kicks.  Did I mention C is 40?  Yup, that's one relationship I'm glad that ended before it began.


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