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Monday, September 17, 2012

Bailing out for work

Sometimes things come up in my life that make me need to move around my schedule.  There are only so many hours in a day, days in a week and weeks in a year to do them all.  When it comes to work, there is a lot of coming up at the last minute.

I was supposed  to meet D on Wednesday afternoon after work.  We were going out for coffee, for one of those mid-week breaks.  What happened was I was 'called in' to attend an event on the other side of the city, leaving me with little time to go home, change, grab a bite to eat, and make my way to the venue (on time).

Knowing this, I tell D to call me so I can explain the last minute change in our plans.  D doesn't like what he's hearing.  He thinks I'm bailing for another reason, but I'm not.  He knows I have to attend events at night (and sometimes during the day) for work.  I wish the world would work around my schedule, but it doesn't.

After we figure out that next week is better for the both of us, I get a text from D a few minutes later. 

"And just to clarify - you said Mon and Thurs this week were your busy days.  Not Wed.  You said by Wednesday you'd need a painkiller or something."

Apparently, D's iPhone kept track of our conversations.

"True.  Don't deny that."  My response goes on to say that I'll keep several afternoons/early evenings (except for Wednesday night) free for him, just to prove that I can move things around on my schedule if I have enough advance notice.

Let's see what happens.