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Monday, May 11, 2015

Pre-divorce ceremony

People have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  At times, so do I.  I use it mainly to see what's going on in the lives of my friends/loved ones.  It's a lot easier than picking up the phone or emailing (Lord knows I do that enough for work). A quick scan a few days a week and I'm updated.

Recently, one of the wall posts that someone commented on is of a friend of Crazy.  There's a photo (taken from Instagram) of an open invitation to Crazy's wedding.  Not only is the marriage to a doctor (once a gold digger, always a gold digger), but the address states he's also moved up the street from me (coincidentally, in the building he wanted me to move into).


Then, a short while later, there's another wall post of the same friend of a picture of white flowers (peonies or roses) and an unopened, red Cartier box on top.

To paraphrase the caption: after kissing so many frogs you finally found your prince.


Of course, this is a little jab at me since I was Crazy's only ex, and this friend knows it (because why would you post Instagram photos of someone who has blocked you on social media on your own wall?). I roll my eyes to it the obvious effort to elicit a reaction; that, and the "doctor's wife" comments.

These types of Facebook updates are like having someone blow smoke in your face when they know you're a former smoker.  It's a childish taunt.  What makes it sad is these people are in their 30s.

For those asking why I don't unfriend these people, I make the point that I have nothing against them, only against Crazy (and it'd be pretty stupid to delete over 20 people because of one person's behaviour).
So, no matter how hard I try to distance myself from my past, it keeps following me, as it has for the past five-plus years.

It's going to be a lovely pre-divorce ceremony.