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Monday, July 25, 2005

Grating expectations

Believing in the good of others is a presumption that I am getting over. Also, thinking that if I am a good person, luck will be on my side – if only for one day. Shockingly enough, I am often wrong on both accounts.

For some reason, people have great expectations with the smallest of things.

While on the phone with a friend, he begins to describe a dinner with a newfound acquaintance. The conversation is a little strained and the company isn’t getting the hint. My friend is looking for the exits, while his date is looking into his eyes. There is no chemistry, but only one person realizes this fact.

Sometime during the meal, his companion mentions if this is their first date. An attractive couple, a nice restaurant, a lovely meal… Hmmm, my friend thought it was just dinner.

Is there a logical step from dining to dating? Where does it go from eating some chicken to picking out china?

Surely, my friend could’ve easily said, “This isn’t a date,” before going out, but why would he? Dinner is dinner, right? Or, is dinner a secret code for dating? Should they have just had coffee, or is that a code for something else?

I don’t know. I don’t speak idiot.

My mind views it this way: I like to eat, I like to go out, I like people, hence, I like to eat out with people. If dinner is equated with dating, then I must have been on countless dates without ever knowing.

But, if this thread of logic is meaningless, then I’m seriously considering a nice, long period of fasting.


Anonymous whatsthebuzz said...

I have the same problem. EVERY man that I've gone out with...just dinner, or just as friends etc...has ended up suddenly becoming my boyfriend without me being aware of it. What's up with that? My friends really push the dating thing on me (because God forbid I'd have no boyfriend)and they nudge men toward me, but I never go out with them...as they put it "just as friends" because I know, somehow...some way, I'll give the wrong signal and end up making space in the bathroom for their shaving kit. Not to mention that my friends have NO idea what I'd even look for in a man, so that makes it even more awkward.

July 25, 2005 1:12 pm  
Blogger vanguard said...

Your poor friend!!!! I have been in just such circumstances and it is uncomfortable...especially when I look at the expression on the date's face after I ask him "this is a date right?" But I just pretend not to notice the look of surprise or disgust; that way the date goes soooo much better.

By the way, since, you know, you've kind of talked by writing your post, and I've kinda talked by commenting, this is like a date right? Right?

So like call me OK?

July 25, 2005 9:16 pm  
Blogger vanguard said...

No, like really. Call me.



July 26, 2005 9:54 am  

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