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Monday, June 18, 2012

Entrapment in 23 words, part 2

A time and place is set up between my "bait" and K.  This is done to prove two points, both of which are beneficial to me: if K doesn’t show up, I’ll know it’s a fake profile, and if K does show up, it proves that K is a douche who dropped me at the last minute for someone else.

Arriving at the meeting place, I'm dressed incognito (dark glasses, black trench coat) so K won't recognize me.  I sit on a bench, in the immediate area and keep a lookout.  Every once in a while I raise a newspaper to my eyes and peer out over it.  Fifteen minutes later, I spot K wearing gym clothes. 

At first glance, K walks towards my direction, but doesn't see me.  Now, walking the other way and looking a little bothered, K takes off his nylon jacket and starts strutting, making sure everyone sees his tight tank top.  I giggle beneath the newspaper.  Pompous.  This is just too good, and it's all I need to make my day.

As much as I want to stay, I have to get back to work.  On the way to my meeting, my phone beeps.  I think it's C, who I'm meeting for coffee tomorrow.  It's not.  It's K.

"Srry I was totally busy forgot to txt u still dealing I think we should Meet later this week like weekend Srry again."

Doesn't feel too good getting stood up, does it, K?  Now, you know how it feels.  What's sad is K now knows that you can't always trade up from what you have (and mistakenly think what you deserve).

I place the phone back in my pocket with a smile.  By this point, I don't care.  I know the sort of person K is.  It's too bad I had to find out this way.  Granted, the situation did make for a funny story.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Entrapment in 23 words, part 1

No one likes to get stood up, especially at the last minute. I’ve been there. Not on the stood up side, but the other. It’s never pleasant, but what can you do? As it turns out, there is something. It might not solve world hunger and stave off disease, but it’s entertaining to say the least.

“Something came up and I can’t meet up at 3pm Ill txt u when am done srry,” is the text I received 45 minutes before meeting up with K.  I find this too convinent since K set up the date and time for coffee.

Being a little suspicious of this rescheduling of events, I decide to do a little snooping and see K is online the entire time.  This is an obvious sign I'm being ditched for something/someone better.  I log onto the site under another name and send K a few messages, seeing if the bait is taken, or not.

“hey. whats up.”

It takes two minutes for K to reply and compliment the photos.

“wanna meet up” my other profile asks.

Another quick response. What is it that you’re looking for, asks K.

“looking for whatever you want.”

K’s red light blinks again. “Ok, where do you want to meet?”

And that’s all it took to catch someone; approximately 23 words.  Now, onto the next step…