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Friday, March 05, 2010

Hermies Hermès

As we’re sitting in the office, my boss comes around and walks towards B, my co-worker. She’s dressed all in black and as I swivel in my chair, I notice her boots. They’re quite spectacular.

"N, those boots sort of look like Hermès," I say as I glance at her.

"S, do you know who you’re talking to?" asks B, rather sarcastically. "This is N. She doesn’t buy things that look like Hermès. She buys Hermès."

Whatever, I think. I practically roll my eyes so far back in my head, I can see behind me. My boss sees my expression.

"Well, Michael Kors has something similar in his latest line." I throw that back in her face. Just because she wears a lot of black, doesn't mean she knows anything about style."And anyway, you have to give me credit. At least I can distinguish from halfway across the room if they could be Hermès, or not."

I swivel around and go back to work, as if to say Don't you question my style knowledge. She wouldn't know the difference between Hermies or Hermès if it kicked her the ass with a pair of $4,000 boots.


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