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Monday, September 19, 2005

Crappy confidence

Being competent in your abilities should prepare you for lies ahead in life.

True, there are those who are better at what you do, but confidence makes the difference. It’s what differentiates Donald Trump from Donald Duck – just don’t mention the hair.

Sometimes it’s innate. Sometimes it’s learned. Sometimes it’s present. Sometimes it’s on sabbatical.

So, why does mine go on vacation at the most unfortunate of times? And when it’s away, my body feels the difference immediately.

No longer do I feel the strength that comes from within. That certain something that makes you proud and make you stand up straight. All of that vanishes, and a nervous tension is what I'm left with.

Sadly, bad posture is only a fraction of what goes on. Most of the trouble lies in other parts of my body…

From the belly button up, there's an overwhelming feeling that I'm not able to retain anything inside. It can happen when I’m eating a meal to when I’m changing clothes. From the belly button down, things are worse. Let’s just say I spend a lot of time in the bathroom when I should be spending that time proving myself to others. And, no one wants to be in the crapper when I’m in there.

Believing you’re competent isn’t the same as believing you’re confident. Competence comes from years of work and experience. Confidence comes from knowing you’re good at your work – no matter the experience. You can have one without the other, have them both, or have neither.

It’s a crap shoot.


Anonymous whatsthebuzz said...

That's very true. Confidence is mandatory if you want to get anywhere. Even if you stink at your job, if you give off an aire of confidence, you have a better chance of getting a promotion than if you know your stuff. This is why I'm still a grunt, lol!

September 19, 2005 2:01 pm  
Blogger Steven said...

No matter what my capabilities, at times, my confidence is the shits.


September 19, 2005 9:07 pm  
Anonymous Chad said...

Confidence is the sexiest quality anyone can have. Just remember that. Oh, and that everyone else is an idiot.

Take care!!

September 21, 2005 4:23 am  

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