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Friday, July 03, 2009


For Canada Day, I wanted to see fireworks because it's part of my family's tradition. The legacy carried on for so many years, even into adulthood, it was a given that I wanted to do it again.

But, being this was the first year away from family, in my own place (in the big city), I still wanted to continue the tradition. Sadly, because of a city strike, many city-run events were canceled. But, that didn't stop me.

Since I asked NG to hang out for the day, I originally planned a day of walking around, eating ice cream, sitting in the park, then watching the fireworks in the city. We did everything but watch the fireworks. Instead we made our own.


Blogger Brand New W said...

does that mean you showed him your beaver?

July 03, 2009 11:35 am  
Blogger Random Thinker said...

F is for Fireworks... and it seems J is forgotten.

July 04, 2009 9:26 am  
Blogger preppygoesrock said...

i love fireworks too...keep on continuing this tradition!
check out my blog

July 05, 2009 3:41 am  

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