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Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15

It’s one year after the first time I met Crazy. It was our first date. The event was glitzy and one of the ones I’ve wanted to go to for years. Of course, to top it off, I got to meet Crazy.

My life became a whirlwind, starting on October 15, 2008. It would never be the same. Unfortunately, the life of glamour that I was accustomed to would begin to unravel over the next 12 months. Things were going to change. But, I couldn’t predict the future and this future wasn’t what I had in mind.

One year later, things are very different...

I am no longer with Crazy
I am covering the event I met Crazy at as a journalist, not as a guest
I am a full-time homeowner (and "part-time interior designer")
I am no longer homeless and dependant on the roofs of others
I am not bankrupt due to a reputable mortgage company
I am no longer with my former employer
I am now the creative director of my own company
I am not clocking in 80 hour work weeks
I am lighter (in weight and mindset)
I am healthier (cancer-free!)
I am no longer afraid because I’ve already been through (most of) it all

The more the world changes, the more it stays the same for some. For me, that’s not the case. But in the end, I think some things had to happen so I could gain perspective and to grow stronger as a person. I shouldn’t be reliant on others. I can’t and won’t be. Even if I fall (which I will), I will pick myself off the ground, dust myself off and stand up tall.

Who knows what next year will bring. But, come what may, I’ll take it on.


Blogger joe*to*hell said...

AMEN to this: I am no longer afraid because I’ve already been through (most of) it all!!!!

liberating....is is not???

October 15, 2009 1:07 am  
Blogger about a boy said...

bravo sir. that which doesnt kill us only makes us stronger.

change needs to pay this boy a visit.

October 15, 2009 9:51 am  
Blogger Sean said...

You go girl!

October 15, 2009 4:44 pm  
Blogger A Lewis said...

I'd say you've come one hell of along way in the past year...in many respects. Keep up the fantastic work.

October 15, 2009 5:38 pm  
Blogger Marquis said...

Sometimes it takes good through s**t to get some prospective on life. I am so happy for you. Hope it continues.

October 17, 2009 8:44 am  
Blogger Brand New W said...

Here's to getting through it all!! cheers!!! lovely meeting you!! those drunk texts will be on the way anytime now...!

October 18, 2009 8:01 pm  
Blogger Random Thinker said...

Thinking back, it really has been an interesting year for you...

October 22, 2009 12:21 pm  

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