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Monday, October 12, 2009

Free therapist

Because of my psychology degree, people often come to me when they need some advice regarding the human condition. I listen to their problems and solicit some words of wisdom their way until they need some more at a later time.

Basically, they think I’m their therapist.

But, I am not a qualified therapist. I don’t have a comforting bedside manner and I’m probably the only person to tell “patients” like it is because life is hard and it shouldn’t be sugar coated, no matter what their age.

If they want to go to a qualified therapist, I say go. If they want to go to someone with an office, a wall of diplomas, and pedigree, a couch to lie on and a small goateed and bespectacled man nodding to their inanities, I say make an appointment right now.

But they never do that and the reason is simple: I don’t charge $150 an hour.


Blogger Phronk said...

When I tell people I'm a grad student in psychology, I always qualify with "but not the type that actually helps people." Keeps this from happening.

October 22, 2009 7:54 pm  

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