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Monday, July 12, 2010

Apparently, I'm a fraud

After a late night run, I enter my kitchen and pick up my cell phone on the way to the bathroom for a quick shower. I punch the keypad and it shows I have a text. From Crazy. At almost 2 a.m. Haven't heard from that ball of insanity in over a year. As I click on the 'yes' button, I don't know what to expect...

Glad people are discovering what a fraud you are :)


I know this message took some effort since it was gramatically correct and there was a smiley face at the end. Also, I know Crazy didn't have my number since the switch from a Razr to a Blackberry. Since my number is private, Crazy would've had to ask around for my info. Again, proving the fact this wasn't a random message, but one deeply rooted with intent.

And I won't go into the meaning of the text since Crazy didn't wait in line when brains were being passed out, and instead was too busy eating pizza. But, apparently, I'm a fraud. Amusing. This is coming from one of the biggest phonies and wannabes I have ever (closely) known.


Anonymous Dolly said...

Do you have any friends?

July 13, 2010 2:58 pm  

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