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Monday, October 11, 2010

Family holidays and traditions

Even though I'm not one to admit it often, I miss my parents when they're not near. They’re getting older and I know they won’t live forever. Someday they’ll be gone, so I have to appreciate the time we spend together. This is especially apparent when it comes to the holidays.

The extended family gathers around one central location (usually at my parent’s dining room table) and eats. It’s a tradition. There is no meal, but rather a bruner (a combination of breakfast, lunch and dinner), where hours upon hours of grazing are necessitated. There is a lot of talking, eating, talking and more eating. It’s the only time in the year where everyone comes together in one place at one time.

The house comes alive and people are in good spirits, but it's only a few times a year. Although I no longer live near with them, I miss these family gatherings, especially during the holidays. But, it's probably time that I start my own traditions.


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