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Monday, May 16, 2011

Friends having your back

It's always good to have friends support you in your time of need or crisis. Lucky for me, I have those kinds of people around me even though I don't have too much drama going on in my life.

When I discovered about my situation about LDR (and it all falling apart in a rather ugly way), I ask D his opinions on the subject. Granted, he was at work and couldn't really have a deep and meaningful discussion about the subject, but he managed to send a quick text.

Ahhh babe loves you people who do not see ur amazing are either a) fucked up b) fucked up on drugs or c) useless.

I'd have to agree with him. It was a band-aid solution, of sorts, but it works in situations like these. I could've wallowed in pity, but that's not me; I'm a simmering pot until it eventually boils over. Lucky for me, I have him as a means of support, and I know when shit hits his fan, I am there to help clean it up with a box of handiwipes.


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