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Monday, May 10, 2010

That little fucker lied to me (pt. 1)

It's difficult to lie in the digital world. Eventually, it all comes back to bite you in the ass. And, when it has to do with people lying to me, I want that bite to hurt just a little bit more than usual.


As I'm going through my Facebook page, I see in the newsfeed that C was tagged in a photo. The photo looks like it was taken at an event that I went to and asked him to go with me. The event was rather pretentious, in an 'arty' kind of way.

With a little prodding, he eventually declined, saying it was his parent's anniversary and couldn't go. I let it go, thinking that he really wasn't able to come. Of course, that was a load of crap.

I send a message to my friend H who went to the event with me.

OMG, just found out C went to the Rostam thing.
Fucker said he didn't go and didn't tell me...

She replies.

really? that's weird. If your sure he lied then just dont tell him about any more events...I'm sure he went and realized what a bust it was anyway:) fucker is right!

With this, I send C a coded message, with full knowledge of his lying.

Hope you had a good time at your parent's anniversary party on Friday.
I forgot to text you about that.
Didn't miss much at Rostam. Bleh. Smoke. Porn.
Funny how I sorta know one of the editors.
Went to Four Seasons and some other place in Yorkville instead.

Not too long, I get a reply.

LOL I DID GOT TO ROSTAM DUMMY! And I sorta enjoyed the porn! DONT JUDGE ME! what other event was happening over there?

I write back, but leave out details about what I did in the swanky part of town. There are always A-list events being held in the shops of the neighbourhood on a regular basis.

When I asked, you said you couldn't go. I won't prod.
We did a couple things in Yorkville; you wouldn't be intersted :P
Have a couple other parties this week. Should be fun.

His answer...


Blogger A Lewis said...

gee, that sounds like fun. Yeah, those sorts of little tiffs get to be old.

May 10, 2010 10:50 am  

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