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Monday, December 20, 2010

Some people can’t leave well enough alone

There are some times when you wish you never made an effort to be nice. It’s just so much easier to be an asshole and move on with life.

Not too long ago, I was at an event where about half of the guests were friends and the other half were people I hadn’t met, yet. Good ratio. Quite often I barely know three people (if I’m lucky).

After the event, I see some people tagged in a Facebook album and I decide to send a note to a guy I saw there but didn’t introduce myself to. What I thought was an act of polite kindness turned out to be something else.

The conversation goes awry when a friend request (by him) goes unaccepted (by me) in two days. The request is immediately rescinded. I ask why and the answer is that the request wasn’t responded to the second it was sent. I don’t even accept requests to people I know, let alone ones I don’t know.

I delete the rest of the Facebook messages and move on... until I get a new message about two weeks later.

Hey S,
I wanted to set the energy straight with regards to our recent email interaction. I get so many strange emails from men and perhaps, that has made me a little unsure about someone's intentions when they start a dialogue with me. Never any bad energy on my part.
All the best,

All I wanted to do was be nice and send a little “I’m sorry we never got to introduce ourselves” note, but some people just take things way too seriously and can’t leave well enough alone.

Even though I thought the situation was taken care of, it seems someone felt like it needed to be resurrected. Even Jesus knew when it was time to stop.


Blogger Cosmic Journey said...

Sounds like a right dick - Who makes those kind of assumptions?

December 20, 2010 7:27 pm  
Anonymous mark said...

Let me get this straight...
YOU contacted him.
HE requested you friend him on Facebook.
When YOU didn't answer, he rescinded the request.
Then YOU asked WHY?? Because you didn't answer!!! Why would you ask why? It's OBVIOUS! You didn't answer!! DUH!!!

December 26, 2010 4:27 pm  

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